The Good Listener

The words coming out of my mouth Are not the ones that inhabit my head. They cling to my tongue, suckered and barbed there, Crawling back home. Delivering platitudes to you instead Of what I want to say. Or what I need to say About the demons keeping court in there late at night. But […]

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When did tomorrow become too late?

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#writephoto: The Cave

For the #writephoto Entrance by Sue Vincent The depths of the cave called as welcome reprieve from the unrelenting midday sun. Flask empty and mouth dry, Kieren ambled over the rocky grass verge, fingers digging into brittle patches for support as he made his way down. His ankle twinged from an earlier stumble, and his neck was […]

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Haiku Experiments

Sandcastle stands proudOn windswept shore, awaits tide,By hands, discarded.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When you see it youWill know it but by then itWill be far too late.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The time of your voiceStrikes hard against my templesLike lightning strikes tree.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You are a parrot.Brightly feathered, graceful winged-No words of your own.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A stone cracked openReveals chasms of crystalsBut is whole no more.

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A Restless Heart

Chapter 1 The house was cold, his dark brown hair permanently windswept, and sand still crunched between his toes hours after his latest walk on the beach. But as Tyler went through his to-do list checking off the progress made on his manuscript, his decision for a two-week break away on the coast felt like […]

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I sit here, pristine, untouched, sandwiched between others of equal sufficiency, Watching, ever watching as your fingers flit on by, Swirling in mid air, through hair, tapping out a static rhythm, Touched to lips, caressing and capturing your daily soliloquy. A chair scrape, a coffee grind, a thousand overheard conversations. This is the backdrop, the […]

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Coming Soon…

While I’m busy working on the next book and all the other stories that are demanding my attention, I thought I’d post a longer finished piece here so you have something new to read. New to here, anyway! Blurb No friends. No family to speak of. And no end to his latest manuscript in sight. […]

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She knows she’s simply all she isAnd all she is is all she hasAnd all she has is all she isAnd all she is is simply: this New story coming soon!

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