Daniel should have known better than to think he had the answer for everything. Or anything, really. Life had proved to him beyond a doubt that he was, in fact, clueless about so many things. Take Keith. Well yes, Daniel thought to himself, blatantly watching the pull of muscle beneath Keith’ shirt as he reached […]

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I once heard the words to Killing Me Softly, And pondered the measure and meaning of its refrain Were the words mere fiction and lyrical vision, Or somewhere from the heart, a call out in pain? The sentiment harrowing with recollection Like someone has captured your every thought. Or perhaps those feelings you thought so […]

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Anchor up

There is no villain in this tale. No final wound inflicted on this heart. Just time to anchor up and and set sail. This was a dream always doomed to fail And flounder at the very end when we must part. There is no villain in this tale. There’s no pleading grip on this skin […]

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Coming Home

Debra had learned to hold on to her emotions. Keep them so tight to her chest that they festered there, sending cruel words spitting out her mouth that she could use to safely mask what she was really feeling. Emily felt nothing but sadness every time she saw Debra reining her feelings in. She watched, […]

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Heart Enough

I can only give you my heart. My soul’s already been taken By those times I’ve been mistaken About what it is to love. It’s not something I can start Over again. I gave too much Of myself, my time, and my all, Only to realise, all I have to offer is too small, Not […]

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The World Turns

Your head — spins And your words — turn, And all the things you never want to believe Are those that will one day be hardest to scorn. There is more to this world, Than that narrow-minded, Blinded, Ignorant, Uncaring, Incorrigible view. And when the world turns against All the hatred that’s choking it, What […]

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Daring To Be

There is a feeling, a draw, a pull that he can’t quite put a name to, an urge he doesn’t think he has the experience to understand. It’s when he looks at him, when he sees him, when he knows him, like nobody else in his world ever has. It’s when he touches him, soft, […]

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You ingrain yourself into my deepest skin, staking your claim in the etching of ink, As though your quill is ever-flowing, spilling into me streams of opalescent ink… See the rest in Shades of me  

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