Hello :)


Just thought I’d stop by and say hi, welcome along, thank you if you’re browsing through or new to this blog, it’s nice to meet talk at you 😉

It occurs to me that despite lurking on various WordPress blogs for numerous years now, I haven’t really done much in the way of saying hello. A big, long delayed hello is in order then. Um. Hello…

So, what am I doing here? And no, this isn’t the profound life question, to which we all know, the answer is 42. If you’ve found a different answer to that that’s even marginally more helpful then please, please give me guidance on what the hell I’m doing with my life 😖

I suppose what I’m doing here is interacting. Introducing you to the person behind the screen that’s currently typing at you. Maybe you’ve found me because you followed/found my poetry blog treeofpoe. Perhaps you saw one of my short stories somewhere out there in internetland, where I have littered them like all the most prolific litterers do, and promptly forgot about them. You might have found me via Twitter, or maybe even Tumbler – although if you’re here from Tumblr, I’m fairly sure what you’re looking to read you won’t find here. Sorry about that.

However you’ve found me, hi, and once again, welcome along 😊

Telling Tales is where my stories will live or be linked to from now on. If you’ve been following, you’ve seen a good amount of them already since I bombarded this blog with them when I set it up. And if you’ve been reading, you’ve probably noticed that I hop around genres a lot. I write what’s in my head, wherever it might take me, and I go through stages of things I like to write about. I could tell you what my current go-to is, but hey, we barely know each other, so, all in good time…

Okay, so that’s me done for now I think, I’ll pop back in a day or two when I’ve thought of (hopefully) more interesting things to say.

Happy (insert day here) to you 😊






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