Behind The Scenes: I am you, and you are me

This story was written after the Pulse horror, an awful reminder that as much as we grow more accepting, we seem to keep stumbling back.

The very moment this story came to be was when I was sat in a Polish cinema watching a trailer that I had no hope of understanding, but the soundtrack to which was Moody Blues’ Nights In White Satin. Now, I don’t know about you, but I often find myself trying to find meaning to, or interpreting the words of songs. The first part of this story is what I pictured when I heard this song, a gay couple slow dancing in their living room around the time of this song’s release, having to hide who they were because, well. People can be the worst. I know the lyrics were meant about something else entirely, but to me they fit perfectly with the idea of a forbidden love that should never need to be forbidden.

The two parts that followed were, I suppose, timestamps, to show that as much as we grow as a society, there are those among us who insist on retreating into more Neanderthal ways of thinking. To coin the phrase that was plastered everywhere last year following Pulse as though it was a profound statement instead of an actual, simple truth, love is love.

One more thing; the second part of this story, if you’re interested in learning a little history without having to put too much effort in, you could do by watching Mark Ruffalo’s The Normal Heart. This is a beautiful, heartbreaking film about the Aids epidemic and honesty is worth a watch.

I am you, and you are me is for those who love and are victimised for it.



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