Who are you?

If I’ve put either The Who, or CSI in your head, you’re welcome 😉 my only hope is that it is the original CSI, and not any of the other spinoffs (although they’re not all bad either). Fair warning: I am a shipper of many fandoms, and my pairing of choice for CSI, though I can’t call it my OTP, will always be GSR. Always.

So there’s a little about me you might not have known; I am a fandom lurker, a shipper of many ships, and if I was cornered and asked who my ultimate, forever OTP is, well that would be MSR (I wouldn’t have to be cornered) – not what newer X File fans have been calling the beautiful bond that is Mulder and Scully. I won’t get into that, because then I’ll get very snooty indeed, and we can’t have that kind of behaviour considering we’ve only just met…

So. I am a shipper, a romantic of fictionland rather than the real one, where I am often far too cynical for my own good. I make neither apology nor excuse, and if you feel the urge to chat about your own ships present, past and always, then feel free to come speak to me on Twitter.

What else can I tell you.

Ah, yes, that’s what I was going to say. Whether you’re interested or not, and I have no idea if you are since this is pretty much a one-sided conversation currently, I thought perhaps I’d tell you about why I wrote some of the stories that I’ve written in a series of posts titled Behind The Scenes. I doubt I’ll be telling you anything profound since I’m not that kind of person, but that’s probably what will start appearing on the blog anyway. So if you’re interested, keep an eye out, and if not, well. Perhaps now is time to close your eyes 😉

Until then, I hope it’s a good day wherever you are 😊




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