From The Road

Aaron’s boyfriend is away on a road trip and calls him from the road to get them both a little relief.

This is NOT safe for work, just to warn you. For those of you who follow/have followed me elsewhere, you might recognise this story in another guise 😉

“Am I supposed to ask what you’re wearing?”

Nothing, Aaron thinks to himself, absolutely nothing on this earth makes him grin like an idiot quite like Nicholas does. “You been doing research, Nick?”

“I understand the principles of phone sex, Aaron,” Nicholas’ voice is muffled though still manages to sound a touch indignant; Aaron hears a soft thud and pictures Nicholas kicking off his shoes, settling down on a bed he wishes he was climbing into beside him.

Nicholas has been gone for more than a week now, on this pre-bachelor party, brothers-only road trip he’s taking with his brother Phil before Phil gets married.

Aaron is beyond excited that Phil and Anna are finally getting married, because Phil and Anna are just so good together it should be illegal. And he’s Nicholas’ plus one for the wedding, which is all kinds of significant, although he  and Nicholas have been together over a year now, closer, if he lets himself acknowledge it, to two, so they’re really already a pretty solid thing.

He’d pined after him long enough beforehand, knowing Phil from their amateur hockey team for a couple of years before even knowing Nicholas existed, then on meeting him when Phil invited Aaron to a house party and introducing him to his brother – and housemate, Nicholas, had found himself drooling over the sight of him and has been making heart eyes at him ever since. Even since they’ve been together – especially since then, he amends, smiling hard. He knows he’s lucked out with Nicholas and is ridiculously gone on him.

Aaron may have been hiding a hope within a joke a few days ago, when he’d suggested he teach Nicholas about phone sex since he’d admitted it was something he’d never tried before, but it seems to be that Nicholas needs no such introduction.

Aaron shivers in anticipation, but tries his best to hide it. “So, if you know the principles, why’re you asking?”

“Then tell me, Aaron. What are you wearing?” Nicholas’ voice drops; Aaron knows it’s intentional and swallows hard. The bastard knows what his voice does to him, he knows he does.

“I. I just came to my room-”

Your room, Aaron?”

“Our. Our room,” Aaron amends, thinking how it’s both weird and exciting the thought that Phil will be moving out in a couple of days, and in with Anna in their own place in just under a week once they’re actually married, and the house he now shares with Nicholas he’ll be sharing with him totally alone. He’s more excited than weirded out by it, in fact what he’s most weirded out by is that he’s not weirded out at all. Which proves, Aaron thinks, that he is an idiot, and lucky that Nicholas overlooks that.

Nicholas nods audibly in satisfaction, oblivious to Aaron’s inner musings. “Were you thinking of going to bed?”

Aaron shrugs to himself, taking a sweeping glance around their room. “There’s no one here. I didn’t know if you’d be calling, so-”

“Phil isn’t here right now,” Nicholas informs him, “he’s gone for a walk and to phone Anna. There’s a mall nearby, and if he’s not stopping to buy her yet another gift like he’s bribing her to marry him then I’d be surprised. I am alone in this hotel room, and you are there alone in our bed. I believe we should do something about that. Don’t you?”

Aaron grins to himself and slides further down against the headboard, head dropping to rest along the top of it. “Well,” he starts, looking down at himself, “I’m currently wearing this stupid-ass bandage that swaddles most of my left leg,”

“How is your leg, Aaron?” Nicholas asks, his voice switching from seductive to concerned, making Aaron’s lips turn up into an affectionate smile.

“It’s fine,” Aaron says with a sigh, thinking of the way he’d gone down on the ice and had several hundred pound of goalie landing heavily on top of it at just the wrong angle, wincing at the reminder, “it’s getting better. Just glad I can work from home is all; can’t imagine trying to drive in this thing,”

“Perhaps I should have stayed to nurse you better,” Nicholas muses, and immediately Aaron’s thoughts go to Nicholas pinning him down and sucking him off the moment he’d got him home from the hospital. Well, perhaps not immediately, he amends, his cock twitching as his mind replays for him the way Nicholas had made helping him shower so he wouldn’t get his bandages wet a whole lot more sordid than he thought showering when injured could be and had then sucked him off. He smiles to himself, feeling his cock give another twitch in memory, and sighs into the phone.

“You can nurse me all you want when you get home, Nick,”

“We were talking about what you were wearing, Aaron,” Nicholas reminds him in a teasing tone, switching his focus back yet making Aaron’s cock swell even more for the sternness laced beneath his words.

“I have on grey boxer briefs, and they are grey. Not old and faded ones,”

“Well that is good to know,” Nicholas says, and there’s a smile in his voice that Aaron feels himself leaning into, “anything else?”

“Just a T,”


“Uh…” Aaron says, knowing he sounds guilty, plucking at Nicholas’ shirt. “the… the green Who one. Your- your green The Who one,”

Nicholas makes a pleased, bordering on possessive noise into the phone, then demands that Aaron take it off.

“Oh- okay,” Aaron agrees quickly, shucking out of it awkwardly and dropping it to the side of the bed. “What about you? What are you wearing?”

“I’m wearing those faded blue jeans with the rip in the right knee. A rip that is getting wider,” Nicholas adds in afterthought, and Aaron imagines him shoving his finger into the rip and plucking at it, “I’m wearing the navy blue shirt that you like,”

Aaron feels his mouth dry. Nicholas looks really, really good in that shirt. Better still when he’s helping him out of it. “I do like that shirt,”

“Do you like it more or less if I unbutton it?”

“I… Oh god. Both.” Aaron knows without a shadow of a doubt that there is nothing he wouldn’t do for Nicholas when he’s using that voice. And that Nicholas has, and will use that fact to full advantage, every opportunity he gets.

Aaron doesn’t mind one single bit.

“Okay, Aaron.” Nicholas says reasonably, “I’m unbuttoning it now.”

“I- I can hear,” Aaron says, convincing himself he can, imagining the soft sound of buttons being pressed out of their buttonholes, and the cotton of the shirt being brushed away from Nicholas’ skin.

“If I unbutton my fly, Aaron. Would you touch yourself for me? Through your boxers?”

Aaron’s eyes shoot up, half aroused, half surprised. “You sure you haven’t done this before,


“Is that a yes?” Nicholas says smoothly, and Aaron hears the distinct sound of a button being unfastened against denim.

“Fuck. That’s a yes,”

“Then tell me,” Nicholas coaxes, glee in his voice as he does.

“Uh…” Aaron glances down, his hand twitching against the curve of his length, “well. I’m half hard already. And that’s just with you speaking to me,”

“What do I like to do to you when you’re only half hard, and I’m impatient for you to fuck me, Aaron?”

Aaron nods shakily to himself, the phone almost slipping in his hand as he stumbles out a pointless, “Yes,”

“What do I do, Aaron?” Nicholas repeats, amused that Aaron’s brain seems to have shorted out on him.

“I… you… mouth. You take me in your mouth,” Aaron blasts out, a hand ghosting over the now frankly ridiculous bulge in his boxers. He doesn’t know how Nicholas manages to make him fall apart the way he does, or how quickly he does it, but loves every second of it.

“And do you like it when I take you in my mouth, Aaron?”

Aaron presses his hand firmly down on himself with that, eyes fluttering closed. “You know I do, Nicholas. You know it.”

Nicholas lets out a soft sigh of regret. “I wish I were there to do that to you now,”

“Me too. God, me too,”

“The noises you make, Aaron,” Nicholas breathes into the phone in a tone that has Aaron’s breathing hitch, “the noises. I could come just for hearing the noises you make,”


“I’m trying to decide when you make the best noises,” Nicholas continues, cutting him off, “is it when I suck you into my mouth? When I swallow down your cock? When I let you fuck my mouth until you’re painting my tongue?”

“Fuck,” Aaron blasts out, grinding the heel of his hand down into himself.

“Or is it,” Nicholas muses to himself, wicked in his own amusement, “when I pin you down and get my tongue in your ass? When I lick you open, fucking you with my tongue until you’re wide enough for me to get my dick in there and fuck you hard, hmm? Are those the best noises you make? I’m still trying to decide. Maybe when I’ll get back we’ll have to experiment, see if we can’t figure that out,”

Aaron is palming helplessly at himself now, so hard he’s got something to grip around even through the restricting denim, and so stupid from all Nicholas is saying to him he can’t find words to answer with. He hears Nicholas laughing softly, and shifting a little on his bed.

“My fly is straining, Aaron,” he says, with a groan-turned-sigh, “I am very hard. I’ve been thinking about you all day. Every place we’ve stopped I’ve imagined having you hear to do unspeakable things to out where anyone could see us. It’s making it very difficult to pull the zip down,”

Aaron listens to the faint noise of a zipper being tugged down and the following sigh of relief.

“Oh, that feels better, Aaron. Much better. I pulled my boxers down too. I hope you don’t mind,”

“No, I don’t mind at all,” Aaron says as he keeps palms himself harder, breath hitching and coming out in blasts.

“Would you like me to send you a picture?”

Aaron can very loudly and clearly hear the shutter noise of the camera on Nicholas’ phone, and his heart pounds in response. “Yes! Fuck, yes, send me that,” he urges, with not the slightest care for dignity. He waits, hearing Nicholas’ thumbs tap against the screen of his phone, and when he opens the message with the picture he has to breathe out shallowly to steady himself. ““Fuck, Nicholas. You look so good there. I want you. So much,”

“Same,” Nicholas says, and Aaron swears he’s grinning into the phone, “can you take your boxers off for me, Aaron?”

Aaron has never removed his underwear so quickly in his life. “They’re off,”

“Good. And how do you look?”

“Uh… hard, Nicholas. Really hard.”

“Are you leaking?” Nicholas prompts, his tone becoming urgent.

“Y- yeah. So much. So much,” Aaron tells him, swirling his palm over his head and swiping it down over his cock, biting on his lip to stop his moan from escaping.

Nicholas smiles into the phone. “Can you do something for me, Aaron?”

“S- sure?”

“Can you wrap your hand around yourself and stroke, very slowly for me? Get yourself nice and wet?”

Aaron’s hand moves automatically and he lets out a soft guttural nose. “I am. I did,” he stumbles out, resisting the urge to go faster.

“Keep doing that. Can you send me a picture?”

Aaron’s never really been one for sending naked pictures of himself, not that he’s not happily received a few in his time. But for Nicholas he doesn’t even hesitate.

Aaron waits for Nicholas to open his message and he hears a happy sigh. “Oh, Aaron. You look so good. You made me even harder, do you know that? I have to touch myself now. Is that okay with you?”

“Fuck.” is all Aaron can manage as an answer.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Nicholas says, then lets out some low, deep throated noises of approval, and Aaron’s hand grips harder in response. “That sounds good, Aaron. And this, this feels very good,”

“Here too, Nick. Wish you were here to do it,”

“I know. Soon. I can’t wait to get your cock tight in my grip against mine. Do you know how good that feels? When you fuck up into my hand?”

“Unh.” Aaron blasts out brokenly, his self control gone entirely, even more for the continuous string of moans against a muffled back drop of Nicholas’ hand furiously working his own cock, for all his earlier confidence having now seemed to have lost the ability to speak himself.

There is nothing, no words, no sounds but the slip slide of skin and breathy moans caught in their throats. Nicholas begins muttering Aaron’s name, over and over like a chant. His hand moves faster and his tone dips lower, and lower, and Aaron gasps out in response.

“Aaron…” he hears, urgency and want layered in that one word, which is enough just to push Aaron over the edge. Aaron comes with a judder, choking out Nicholas’ name into the phone and collapsing back against the headboard, hand still moving slowly as he listens to Nicholas grind out nondescript expletives and come himself.

For a few minutes, they are wordless, silently regaining their breath. Then Aaron hears Nicholas moving, and he feels a little disappointed that it’s over, that Nicholas is keen to finish this so soon.

Nicholas is clearly a mind reader. “I thought I should… clean myself up before Phil gets back. Should have booked my own room tonight instead of getting a twin with him,” Nicholas offers in explanation, and Aaron hears himself being tucked into the crook of Nicholas’ neck, along with the turning of the faucet. He listens for the wiping of a towel, and thinks he hears Nicholas shrugging out of his jeans.

“Hold on,” Nicholas says, and Aaron realises Nicholas is changing his shirt. He waits, already wiping himself clean and tucking himself back into his boxers. He’s too spent to even wriggle beneath the covers at that point.

“Okay, I’m back,”

“You thinking about bed?” Aaron closes his eyes, reaches a hand out to the cold side of the bed and sighs wistfully.

“No. I’m thinking about you. I enjoyed that, Aaron.”

“Me too.”

“I wish I were sleeping beside you tonight, ‘stead of bracing against Phil’s inelegant snores,”

“Yeah, me too on that as well. I-” Aaron clears his throat, forcing himself to keep speaking, “I miss you, Nicholas. I really miss you,”

“I miss you too,”

“Think you’ll be heading back soon?” he asks in hope, feeling guilty for it because he knows how important this trip is for Phil and Nicholas.

“In a few days,” Nicholas says, with real regret in his voice.

Aaron gives a wordless answer and closes his eyes in disappointment that the answer wasn’t now.

“How ‘bout we do this again tomorrow?” Nicholas suggests, and Aaron’s cock gives a half-hearted twitch at the thought.

“Y- yeah. Sure. Yeah, Nick, I’d- I’d like that a lot,”

Nicholas gives a sort of snort into the phone that Aaron interprets as amusement and smiles to hear it. “I’ll make sure I get my own room tomorrow then. See if we can’t string this thing out a little longer, hmm?”

“Sounds good,” Aaron says, closing his eyes and already looking forward to the phone call, “I should let you go,”

“Probably,” Nicholas agrees, though doesn’t sound happy about it,

“Say hi to Phil for me,”

“Will do,”

They exchange a few more words and mutter quiet goodbyes, and Aaron reaches out to switch the lamp off bedside the bed, smiling up at the ceiling feeling if not satisfied then at least temporarily sated.


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