Behind The Scenes: Pale

This story began for me pretty much as it begins on the page. Aside from the insinuation of some kind of alien invasion, that didn’t really happen. Or did it? 😉

Standing in a queue at a supermarket in Latvia – and by telling you that the basket in my hand was red, those who have frequented these stores will know the one – the queue seemed to be taking forever. The clock over the exit was ticking away my time when I had things to do (writing, probably), and the security guard was looking vacantly through everyone that passed. The checkout operator’s shirt was crumpled to hell, and so was borne this story.

I have a probably unpopular theory that the only way this world is going to stop seeing our differences as problems is going to be some kind of external force that makes us realise we’re all the same flesh and blood. Zombie apocalypse, global natural disaster, alien invasion: any such levelling disaster. Does that make me a pessimist? Defeatist? Person to back away slowly from? Quite possibly. We believe what we believe, though, right?

If you want to take a look, please read Pale.




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