Tainted By Our Choices


Tainted by our choices is a contemporary romance that has flashbacks, sex, environmental awareness and on occasion, a slight fixation on dessert. Potentially all at the same time. It is the story of two people who meet, meet, and meet again, and somewhere along the way have both loved and lost each other.

We have Jack, who started out his life as an impassioned kid wanting to take what his father had taught him about the importance of the environment, and build himself a life out of it, whilst doing good things for the planet. Jack is now a successful environmental officer, though works in an industry that is so very far from his childhood ideology, that he no longer recognizes himself. How he’s found himself in Houston, Texas, where he has no one, and nothing but his work for company, Jack tells himself repeatedly he doesn’t know. But when the place that became home had the heart sucked right out of it, and all around him were the remnants of a life he wouldn’t get to have, Jack ran, at the first opportunity given to him.

We also have Dylan, whose own career path as a teen was studying to become a lawyer so that he could join his father’s law practice, something he felt he had to do rather than ever really wanted for himself. Dylan is now something of a drifter, writing about the environment in between volunteering and campaigning for it at every chance he gets. Dylan is totally free, able to go wherever he wants and do whatever he pleases, never really knowing where he’ll be from day to day. It should be perfect for him. So why does he feel like he’s always running from something?

We see Jack and Dylan for the first time on a bright, sunny morning, when they meet by chance having not been in contact for several years. Through flashbacks, we learn they first met on a beach in the middle of an oil spill, and ran into each other again when attending the same college. As Jack and Dylan rediscover each other as cautious adults, is there more for them to save than the environment that they both love so much?

Tainted By Our Choices


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