Behind The Scenes: An Uncounted Statistic

An uncounted statistic came about for two reasons. One, after discussions with someone who had experienced being homeless themselves, and two, I am a fairly big fan of Five Finger Death Punch, and if you haven’t seen the video to The Wrong Side Of Heaven, which is dedicated to veterans who happen to make up a large portion of our homeless society, then please give it a watch.

In any case, and despite how many news stories, articles, and homeless charity websites I trawl though, I know nothing about what it really means to be homeless, and I’m someone who doesn’t even class themselves as really having a home. I don’t think I can quite capture that despair.

It is appalling to consider just how many people are homeless, and with homelessness becoming more and more noticeable in so-called developed countries – those richest of nations that are allegedly setting an example for developing countries to grow into – it makes you wonder just how far the problem has to spread before we as a society do something about it.



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