Behind The Scenes: Solitary

Solitary was vaguely inspired by a person and various conversations with said person about the need to be alone. Alone doesn’t have to mean lonely, although far too often people assume these things are one and the same. They aren’t, and if you’ve never experienced the joy that is solo travelling, then I really can’t explain this to you without waxing lyrical about it in a way that probably won’t make any sense. So I won’t do that to you!

Perhaps it won’t be for always, but currently for me, the idea of waking up in a new location most days and not knowing where I’m going to be the following morning isn’t so much exciting as it is essential for my sense of well-being. Free spirit, drifter, flake; I’ve been called all of these things and more in the past few years, and I’m sure to some extent they’re all true.

Solitary is about a traveller who is pausing, taking a breath (and a coffee) in between one adventure and the next.




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