Sunday Thinking

Once upon a time, our hope was tested. In fact, it wasn’t just one time; it was tested multiple times, in multiple ways, by individuals, whose ideas were not of freedom, acceptance and seeing all other people as equal, but of destruction. Whose ideas were fuelled by hatred; not settling scores. Whose ideas seemed to some unfathomable, to others, a retaliatory act, and to others still, as justification to treat people from the wider community those individuals were associated with as second-class citizens. Lesser, even.

Our hope was tested, and no doubt will be tested, time and time again. And when I am trying to convince myself not to give up, not to despair about the world and wonder if it’s actually worth sticking around for, here’s what I remind myself.

No life lost through an act of terror, or war, justifies taking the life of another person; we know this. 

No amount of hatred is going to wipe out love, or adventurous spirits who will keep travelling, living, existing, even with terrorism appearing to constantly hang over our heads.

The world isn’t cruel on the whole; unfortunately at the moment, those in this world who are cruel are just getting their voices heard, their points across, far too strongly. They won’t always have that voice.

Kindness wins out, every time.

And to those who think you can prosper and thrive by violence, terror and vindictiveness; you are wrong. You will forever be wrong. Maybe this life doesn’t come with a happy ever after, but it sure as hell isn’t yours to control whilst we’re trying to achieve our happy for now.

Kindness. Every. Time.



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