Behind The Scenes: No Way Out

Hello, raising a hand in this corner as a proud Pearl Jam fan; I’m sure I’m in good company 😃

This story came about because of the song Better Man, it’s as simple as that. Well, it isn’t; domestic abuse of any kind, be it physical or emotional, is never simple, nor is the leaving part, and that’s something I can say with first-hand experience.

I was browsing through some articles on domestic abuse during the awareness week a year or so ago. What shocked me was, yes, of course the statistics, and the horror that is not being able to speak up, the frustration of loved ones seeing those they care about going through it and not asking for help – that is all, I’m sure you’ll agree, fairly shocking. But what got to me more than anything was the under-representation of male domestic abuse victims. We have this very strange notion in our world about what does and doesn’t make a man – or a woman – or in fact why we have to fit into either of those genders all of the time anyway.

This story happened as a result of all of these things, and whilst it is written from the perspective of a woman going through it, this takes nothing away from male abuse victims, whose voices often go unheard. No Way Out is for them (spoiler alert: there is a way out, and if you’re affected by this reality, I hope you find your way out soon).

If you’re interested in some of the incredible work domestic abuse charities do, please take a look at NCADV, Refuge, and Mankind.




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