Behind The Scenes: Dream Life

This story came to be because of two things. One, an ER episode where a patient had created an entire new life for herself in her subconscious, and if I remember correctly was in a coma (it’s been a while since I’ve seen the episode, but I am/was a huge fan), and two, reading some articles on maladaptive dreaming, which are interesting and bordering on hitting too close to home.

But I digress.

What if you could create the perfect world for you in your own head? The perfect you, the perfect partner, the perfect existence where the only things that went wrong were the things that you invented to go wrong. That would depend entirely on just how complex a life you were weaving yourself, possibly. But doesn’t that all sound at least a little appealing? This story came from that idea. If you were to find yourself in a coma with no way of re-joining the waking world, would you find yourself creating a new one, that proved so magical, so much better than your own life, that you didn’t want to wake up in the real one?

Read Dream Life and see what you think 😊




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