Sunday Thinking

Once upon a time, there was a country, a beautiful, prospective country that, given its history, should have been a pinnacle of hope – or at the very least, an example of what persecution leads to – for the rest of the world.

This country, full of bright, intelligent people who were kind, generous, and so full of promise, had an incredible cuisine, a landscape that was stunning, and an opportunity to be a leader of those smaller countries around it. It could have provided hope for others whose histories were just as dark, just as cruel. It could have been an example, should have been one for us all.

Instead. It chose politicians whose views were very much stuck in the dark ages. It voted for legislation that took away the rights of its own people. It closed its eyes to the troubles of persecuted people from elsewhere – who surely, surely, they could relate to from things so many of their own had experienced themselves not so long ago.

In international committees they made fools of themselves by allowing a select few have voices that were not that of so many. Their politics governed not only the way of life most citizens of democracies had come to expect, but also attempted to influence thoughts, by controlling the media. And their ideas for the allocation of funds meant that the future economy of the country was forecast by some to reach an unattainable, critical level less than two years after that first allocation came into fruition.

All hope is not lost. There are good, liberal citizens, who are not liberal for the sake of being liberal but are so for the sake of being human. Who believe in equality, and justice, and the democratic system in which the people trusted. Will they live happily ever after? We suppose time will tell…


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