Handwriting Envy…

FireShot Capture 055 - Free photo_ Travel,_ - https___pixabay.com_en_travel-notebook-cowhide-420011_

I’ve always dreamed of being the kind of person who could pick up a beautiful notebook and scribble away my ideas in beautiful, legible handwriting. Nope. Not even a chance. I could blame my lefthandedness, my impatience, the way my brain trips over the words it thinks so everything comes out in the jumble, but the truth is, I’m terrible at handwriting. Even when I force myself not to scribble and to ‘write neatly’, give it a sentence or two and I’m back to a style of writing I like to call ‘spider on acid tap-dancing through ink’.

I’m also, despite that, a big advocate of saving paper, and a sucker for new technology, which is why this beautiful new e-paper tablet from Sony makes tremble with both excitement and fear; I don’t suppose using one of these will help me improve my handwriting, will it?

Doesn’t it look amazing, though?! Want….


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