Writing Tools: Touch Typing…

giphy (3)


… how… how do people manage to write things without touch typing? It is A Mystery; how do you get through dissertations, essays, reports, blogs – how do SJWs tell us how we’re living our lives wrong, or Twitter trolls come out of their caves to say stuff they’d never had the nerve to say to our faces… with the hunt and peck thing?

Truly. A Mystery.


Maybe when you live your life Wording you just sort of… expect the world to know all the tools for writing that you use yourself. Assuming makes an ass of all of us, apparently! So in case you haven’t discovered the ease of using touch typing to make literally every writing experience on your computer more efficient, have a look at Typing Club. Honestly, I was browsing – aka procrastinating this morning, and came across this. Cue half an hour gone ‘practicising’… it was great!

Traditionalists may so no! You must always, only use Mavis Beacon, and yes, Mavis Beacon is an amazing resource for learning to touch type, so have a look; maybe that suits you better. And if you want something a little more competitive to improve your typing speed, there’s always Nitrotype. As well as thousands of other tools out there in Internetland; it’s such a quick, easy skill to pick up, promise. I liked Typing Club because there was no downloading, and the only thing I was racing against was myself (c’mon… it was Just Post Coffee; that’s no time to get competitive!)


(… a gif from Giphy that might be resonating with some shippers currently… 😉)

Whether you’re trying to get your fanfic up on AO3 quicker, want to live Tweet when watching a show – or, you know, are a meta muser (if you are, I love you already) and want to get your point across quickly whilst your favourite ships are shipping right before your very eyes and you have examples you just have to share with fellow shippers right now; touch typing is the answer.

Okay, back to procrastinating for me…

giphy (2)


Hope you’re all having good days 😊


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