By Candlelight

An evening in a cabin in the middle of nowhere is the perfect place for this loved up couple to be making some lasting memories.

This is NOT safe for work, just to warn you. For those of you who follow/have followed me elsewhere, you might recognise this story in another guise 😉

Jesse knows, without a single doubt, that he is the luckiest man alive, and that luck has everything to do with the man he’s currently draped over, with no hurry for either of them to be anywhere but here.

There have been many incredible memories that he and Vince have made together since first getting married. There was that first proud moment of referring to one another as each other’s husbands, smiles so full of joy at being able to say those very words out loud that it was almost impossible to get those very words out. There was the searching for, buying of, and moving into the perfect, perfect house for them, exactly in the area they wanted to live in and on a great commuter route for them both for work. There was the subsequent christening of every surface of said house on their first few days there, that Jesse will always, always remember with a smug smirk on his face.

But this one, this memory they are making right now will be one that competes with any of those fondest of memories and will stay with him a long, long time, he knows that, without a single doubt.

Vince by candlelight is a sight to behold. Some of those candles are even those huge church pillar ones, Jesse thinks to himself in amusement, not that anything they’re doing on this tangle of cushions and blankets can be considered as holy. Although, he ponders for the briefest of moments, it is a union of lovers, so really, that’s about as holy as it gets.

There is a sheen of sweat across Vince’s chest, and Jesse takes a moment to dip his head down, to lick a path up that finds its way over a hardened nipple, along a collarbone, and deep into the crook of Vince’s neck, where he bites down lightly, smiling there at Vince’s answering hum.

Vince arches up languidly at Jesse’s touch, whilst keeping up a steady stroking of them together in the firm grip of his hand. He glances down, sweeping his palm up over the slickness of their cock heads in one twist, but never breaking the rhythm he has going, and has had going, for what feels like an immeasurable amount of time.

Not that either of them are complaining about that.

There are no pauses; tongues flick into mouths, fingertips brush over skin, a steady exploration of each other underpinned by this slow, steady build of heat. The soft hush of candle wicks burning, skin gliding and snagging on skin, and lips pressed to lips, are the only sounds there are to be heard here, aside from intakes of breath and low moans of pleasure that echo out all around them.

If either of them were to look up, look out from this temporary retreat in the middle of nowhere, they would see a cloudless sky sprinkled with stars, a bank of trees touched only by moonlight, and nothing to speak of civilisation for miles upon rolling miles. This idea for a weekend retreat to a cabin in the woods was Vince’s, and is exactly what both of them needed, after a difficult few weeks at work and a need to just be together, and be alone. Jesse contributed to this particular memory making by gathering up all the candles, blankets and cushions he could find throughout the cabin, then leading Vince out to this deck, nestling them there together by candlelight as they slowly peeled back each other’s clothes.

Jesse feels himself getting close, and he’s not ready for that, he intends to prolong this night for as long as possible. So he wraps gentle fingers around Vince’s wrist until he releases his grip on them both, then raises both of Vince’s hands to either side of his head, pinning them down.

Jesse lines them up for a moment, thrusting in a way that has their cocks brushing together and their cock heads dragging tackily as they catch. They both arch and moan at how that feels, and then Jesse is shifting away from the instinct to keep on rolling his hips against Vince’s. Instead he lays on his side, twisting himself over Vince and kissing him thoroughly, only pulling back briefly to grin down at him and show him just how elated he is to be with him here like this.

The relative chasteness of this kiss only lasts so long, with Vince letting his knees fall open so that one bounces lightly against Jesse’s hip. Jesse smirks, glances down at the way Vince is laying himself open for him and then moves again, kissing his way down his thigh.

He bites down on the sensitive flesh of Vince’s inner thigh, then kisses against the mark he’s left there. Vince sighs, smiling down at him in approval and thrusting his hips forward, making his cock bounce against his stomach.

Jesse runs his fingertips over Vince’s thighs until his palms are flush against them, then he’s pressing insistently for Vince to open wider. Jesse dips his head down, kissing the creases between his legs, the base of his cock, the soft though wiry tickle of his balls, then moves lower, a length of kisses until he’s thumbing him open and licking a long, thrusting stripe over his hole.

Vince bucks beneath him, gasping, and Jesse laves him open, flicking and swirling his tongue in, as far as he can, as much as Vince will open for him, until he’s keening and writhing and begging to be allowed to come.

But all Jesse does is shift, leaning upwards and beginning a trail of open-mouthed kisses that start at Vince’s base and work up the underside of his cock, until he can lave his tongue over his cock head, suckle there on the crown, then suck him down deep, swallowing around him.

The noises, Jesse thinks to himself, trying to force his concentration away from what hearing them is doing to his own cock, the noises Vince makes are like nothing he’s ever heard before, he’s adamant about that. Maybe he’s biased, or lost in the moment, or quite possibly, so far gone on Vince that he’s blinded. But he doesn’t care; he’s here with Vince, he’s got Vince, and Jesse has every intention of never letting Vince go.

Vince gives the whimper Jesse recognises as him being close, and again, Jesse doesn’t want this to end any time soon. So he’s shifting again, laying back beside Vince, whilst Vince reaches out with trembling fingers and cups his face, pulling him into a kiss that can only be described as worshipful.

When he’s calmed, and his panting has lessened, Vince smiles, kissing Jesse once before rolling him over on to his back. And Jesse’s echoing Vince’s earlier movements, spreading his legs wide, offering himself up entirely to him.

Vince is thorough, with a contrast of butterfly kisses and bruising bites to every inch of skin he can get to. He always starts at Jesse’s neck, because he knows exactly where to graze his teeth to make Jesse’s cock twitch. He glances down, smiling triumphantly to see just that happening, and continues. Shoulders, arms, hands. Nipples, ribs, hips; there is no part of Jesse that Vince does not at least brush over with his lips, and by the time he gets anywhere near Jesse’s cock he is leaking heavily against his own stomach.

Vince ducks down to swirl his tongue in the mess Jesse’s made there, pausing as Jesse groans at the sight of that before slowly swallowing Jesse down. Jesse arches, his fingers gripping through Vince’s hair, holding him in place as he gently fucks up into his mouth.

Vince moans around him, letting his fingers drift down until he’s spreading Jesse open, pulling off without warning, then surging his tongue into Jesse and pressing firmly there as Jesse writhes. He keeps pressing until he can slide his tongue in more easily, smiling at the choked little gasps Jesse blasts out above him as he does.

Vince moves again, pressing a kiss to the underside of Jesse’s cock head before swirling his tongue around it and swallowing him down again, sucking hard a couple of times before sliding off once more. He stays on his knees, reaching over awkwardly for the bottle of lube just past the edge of their blankets and snags it up, brings it back with him.

He shakes it once, hard, as the bottle is coming to an end, and drizzles what’s left on to his fingers. He pauses for a moment, raising an eyebrow at Jesse who shrugs, because there’s plenty more of that on a shelf in the bathroom for next time.

Jesse parts his legs a little more, sliding his feet higher to give Vince easier access, and smiles in welcome as Vince leans down over him to press a soft kiss to his lips. Jesse’s head falls back with a soft huff as Vince slides and crooks a finger inside him, groaning quietly as Vince uses that same steady rhythm he’d shown earlier, in and out, in no hurry at all and unfaltering.

Vince flicks his tongue into Jesse’s mouth in time with sliding in a second finger, scissoring Jesse open and gasping with him as Jesse arches up at the feeling of his prostate being glanced against. He slides in a third and holds his hand steady there, smiling down at Jesse and arching an eyebrow to give a silent instruction. Jesse takes the hint, rocking his hips so that Vince’s fingers are sliding in and out of him without Vince moving at all, and Jesse groans out repeatedly as he fucks himself open a little more.

With another soft gasp, Jesse shakily reaches out his hands to pull him closer. Vince breathes out shallow, closes his eyes for a second and then moves, his hands sliding down Jesse’s inner thighs and his thumbs easing him open.

Vince rolls his hips, nudging his cock head against Jesse’s entrance, then slides all the way inside him in one go, long, and so, so slow, answering Jesse’s moan with his own. When he’s fully inside, he leans down over Jesse, resting on his forearms and spreading his own knees a little for comfort. And then he’s kissing him gently, rocking in and out of him lazily, smiling as Jesse drifts his hands up to glance over his sides as he moves.

The candles flicker, casting long shadows over their skin as they consume themselves. Blankets are adjusted for comfort, and when Vince’s knees begin to tremble Jesse pulls him close, wrapping his legs high around Vince’s waist so he can flip them over on to his back, and now Jesse is the one who is kneeling. He moans, once, long and loud at the shifted position of Vince inside him, pressing down at an angle that feels so good, so very good that he has to steady himself against Vince’s chest to rein in the urge to just impale himself repeatedly on Vince and come.

Instead, he waits a moment, splays his hands wide across Vince’s skin, and rocks slowly so that Vince is filling him whole and unhurried, wrapping his hands around Jesse’s hips to keep him just where he wants him.

Jesse keeps that pace up, slow, and steady, chasing down that sensation of heat that sparks off in his gut and radiates out. Vince reaches out, slides a lazy palm against Jesse’s cock head and slicking all the way down his shaft, wrapping his fingers around firmly and thrusting up into Jesse at the same time.

Jesse’s breathing and rocking becomes more uneven, unable to keep himself from whimpering out a litany of moans and choked off sounds. Vince is answering, just as desperately, digging his fingers into Jesse’s sides and keeping him just where he needs him.

That slowness they’ve managed to keep up for so long dissolves; there’s just heat chasing heat, moan echoing moan, juddering and jerking until Jesse becomes completely still and cries out, his head thrown back as he comes in long arches over Vince’s chest. Vince grips harder, lifting himself clean off the floor as he thrusts up into Jesse, once, twice, before stiffening himself, falling backwards and groaning out long, and loud.

Jesse leans forward, bracing and resting his weight on his hands for a moment as he gets his breath back, smiling as he watches Vince do the same. Then he’s sliding from him and slumping down beside him and on to his back, both of them with their legs and arms splayed wide as they cool down, though their hands curled around one another in the small gap between them.

When their breathing’s back to normal, Jesse rolls slightly to kiss Vince on the shoulder, then sits up with a soft grumble, looking around and snagging up one of the bottles of water they’d brought out with them. He passes it first to Vince to drink from, then takes several gulps himself, before grabbing his t-shirt from earlier, pouring some of the water on it and leaning back down, lingering kisses to Vince’s lips as he wipes him clean.

Vince reaches up, cupping a hand to Jesse’s face to prolong the kiss before sliding his fingers away and rolling on to his side, huffing in contentment as Jesse lays back down and curls himself around him with a soft kiss to his neck as he settles.


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