Sunday Thinking

Today I’m thinking that… people are… bewildering. I mean, this is something I think on most days, because you see things that make you want to shut up shop, pull up the drawbridges, wrap yourself in tinfoil and hide in the cupboard under the stairs. Well, me it does, which is sort of problematic; I have neither shop nor drawbridge, I am, much to my dismay, a mere muggle not destined for a magical future, and I’m out of foil.

And then I see things that make me want to embrace the world, comfort it and cuddle it and just… revel in this joyous thing we’ve got here in humanity.

Why does it take a tragedy to bring communities together? Or rather, why is it only tragedies that get reported on that show that sense of community? You flick through the news on any given day, and it’s like we’re constantly on the brink of civil war until something Bad happens, and then, oh, look at this lovely sense of sharing, aren’t we wonderful? Maybe we were wonderful all along. And maybe we weren’t, maybe we only realise there are people on our doorsteps when tragedy happens, and maybe even when that happens we’re far too narrow-minded to do anything but point, observe, turn our heads.

Which leaves me, and I’m certain a fair few others, bewildered by people. People can be the most cruel, twisted, awful individuals, yet turn into heroes the second there’s a call to action. People can be kind, sweet, genteel, and embracing of others, but the moment there’s an accident, nope, uh uh, not me, I can’t help, I’ll only help the people I want to, oh would you look at the time I’ve got to be somewhere else…

Humanity, people, we’re none of us perfect, and that’s fine, that’s life, that’s just how things are. But how are you supposed to embrace all that’s good in the world when there’s that niggling sense of doubt about what’s bad in the world? How do you overcome that cynicism that if someone can find a way to hurt you, they will? How do you trust people, enough to care about them all, when you never know if they’re going to turn out to be cruel, heartless bastards, or sweet, loving individuals who want nothing but good for this world? How do people gauge that? Is there a way to navigate it? An off switch for our overthinking, what? What is the answer here?

Uncertain. For now, I will eye the world with suspicion yet still do all I can to help, from the safe distance of behind my computer screen and away from human interaction. Which probably tells you all kinds of things about what’s wrong with me, but, you know. We’re all works in progress and all that…

In conclusion. Humans: we’re weird, and I don’t know what to do with that.



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