It’s been a little while since I set up this blog to try and bring all of my fiction into one spot. Thank you to those who have since followed, commented, liked, and retweeted, you’re the best motivator to keep writing that there could be!

I thought I’d tell you where I am with some current projects, just so you know where things are, or some things to keep an eye out for.

I have two short stories that are currently published with an online publisher, and once the rights are returned to me they’ll be posted here too – you would need to subscribe to their services for them otherwise, and here, well, they’ll be free! They’re both gay erotica, which I suppose is sort of the backbone of much of my writing these days.

I have a novel length story currently with a publisher for editing, that I imagine will be out next year some time.

I have a story I’m currently proofreading to self publish, that I hope will be up here in a couple of months or so, depending on life.

And I have another book that’s ‘in progress’, which means I’m up to about 50000 words and still have a chunk to write – I’m not sure when that will see the light of day!

And on top of that, no doubt I’ll find inspiration for some more sporadic short stories as I have done of late. So, that should be plenty of reading material for a while!

Once again, thank you for stopping by and any support you’ve given, I’m really loving writing and sharing it with you all 🙂



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