A Childish Sulk


No response.

Eric humphed under his breath; he hated it when Greg was sulking with him, whether he had provoked him or not.

Okay, so perhaps this time the sulking was well and truly earned. But that didn’t mean that Eric wouldn’t try and wheedle his way back into Greg’s good books. He didn’t enjoy being out of them even for a minute.

“Please, Greg?”

Greg’s posture remained stiff even as he hunched over the laptop at the table looking engrossed in whatever it was he was doing.

Eric stood behind him, hands half-reaching out to squeeze his shoulders then falling to his side a dozen times.


They’d been late leaving the motel they’d been staying in that morning, and that had entirely been Eric’s fault. Eric had made clear his disdain for mornings, and no amount of cajoling, prodding, or eventual shoving could force him to get moving to the timescale that Greg had in mind for their drive back home after a wedding of an old school friend that neither one of them had wanted to attend.

Eric had grumbled through a shower, deliberately taken his time getting dressed, which meant by the time they stopped at a diner to eat the parking lot was full, and when they finally got inside they had to wait for a table. Which led them to missing the breakfast special, and having to wait for a new pot of coffee, and deal with their waitress who was new, nervous, and spectacularly mixed up their order.

Technically not all of that had been Eric’s fault, but Eric was in a difficult mood. Which meant spending far too long deciding on the fridge magnet he wanted to take back home as a souvenir. Which also meant taking an even longer time choosing snacks for the long, long drive home.

Which resulted in them hitting the road a good three hours later than Greg had wanted to.

They’d hit traffic, construction work sprung up out of nowhere, and the usual peace Greg found in driving just seemed bleak and endless.

Eric insisted on several bathroom breaks, each one increasing the tension across Greg’s shoulders. For the last break Eric had taken so long, that Greg had stamped back into the service station in search of him, only to find Eric stood at the checkout with the clerk discussing the different scents of air freshener on display. Greg hadn’t said a word, just stood, watching until he had Eric’s attention. Greg turned abruptly on his heel the second he did.

Eric had trailed him back to the car the very picture of the reprimanded child.

The last straw for Greg had been in the grocery store he’d intended to be their last stop before home, so they could get home, and stay home, spend the rest of their few days off work doing more pleasant things than attending weddings. Every suggestion he’d made for dinner was met with a shrug or non-committal hum. Every ‘what do you think’ answered with ‘whatever you think, Greg’. Greg had glared, grabbed frozen pizza instead of the ingredients for Eric’s favorite meal that he’d been considering making, and bought twice as much beer as he’d been planning on.

The silence on the final leg of the journey was deafening. And when they’d pulled into their parking bay, Greg had leaped out the car not wanting to start an argument, leaving Eric to sit alone in the car for a few minutes before stumbling his way inside.

The silent treatment carried on for several hours, including through dinner, and every time Eric glanced in his direction, Greg’s eyes were firmly elsewhere. Which is why Eric was stood behind Greg now, looking for a way back into his affections.

He stepped closer to the back of Greg’s chair, placed a hand on Greg’s shoulder. Greg could have jerked his shoulder away in anger, but instead he just didn’t react at all to his touch. Comforted by that fact as much as he could be, Eric reached for Greg’s other shoulder. He began a slow massage, feeling Greg begin to unstiffen beneath his palms. Eric stepped so that he was flush with the chair back and without breaking contact, leaned down to place a kiss on the top of Greg’s head.

He trailed kisses all the way down his hairline and bare neck, into his collarbone. He stooped awkwardly, a gentle bite to Greg’s earlobe and a slightly firmer one to the gap behind Greg’s ear. He watched Greg’s Adam’s Apple bob at that and smiled; he knew Greg well enough to know just exactly where to touch him and what sort of response he could expect.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, breathing heavily against Greg’s ear. Greg swallowed once more, thickly, but then huffed, and pushed the chair back gently so that Eric had to move to the side.

Greg walked to the kitchen, bending to open the fridge door and inspecting its contents. Eric was there before he could though, slamming the door shut, straightening up his newly-purchased fridge magnet, and leaning into Greg’s back, sneaking his hands around his front and up underneath his shirt.

With slow fingers wandered upwards and circling Greg’s nipples, and moving with that same soothing circling he’d used on Greg’s shoulders moments before, he pressed a kiss between Greg’s shoulder blades, murmuring another, I’m sorry.

In a flash, Eric pushed Greg’s shirt up and over his head, smiling to himself at Greg’s intake of breath in surprise. His hands continued their work on Greg’s chest as he trailed kisses across Greg’s shoulder blades and down his back. Soft bites were followed by more kisses, until Greg let out a lengthy sigh and leaned his head back, hands coming up to ghost over Eric’s against his skin.

“You,” he said reproachfully.

Eric continued his kisses, asking, “Me what, Greg?”

“Are trouble,” Greg replied with a kind of resigned affection.

Eric smiled against his skin, sensing he was winning.

“Perhaps. I’m your trouble though,” he pointed out, and there was pride there in his voice as he softly bit down on Greg’s shoulder.

Greg laughed in response. “Yeah. My trouble, Eric.” and with that he spun Eric round so that he was facing him, arms looped low around his back to pull him close. “Gonna tell me what your deal was today?”

Eric ducked his head, bumping it against Greg’s chest. “I was pissy.”

“I know, Eric. I was there, remember?” Greg smiled, then pressed a kiss on the top of Eric’s head, clearly having forgiven him.

“I didn’t sleep well.”

“Makes two of us.”

“I know,” Eric nodded with a grumble. “But I did not want to get out of bed.”

“Even with that lumpy motel mattress, when our own bed back here was waiting and welcoming us home?”

Eric sighed, sweeping his hands over Greg’s back. “Maybe I wasn’t ready to come home yet.”

Greg straightened at that, cupping a hand to Eric’ jaw and pulling his face up to look at him.

“You didn’t want to come here?”

Eric felt Greg’s heart beating hard through his chest, and in that moment felt guilt. He quickly nuzzled into him to reassure Greg he was going nowhere.

“I didn’t say that. I said, I didn’t want to come home yet,” and Eric made sure to emphasize the ‘home’ part of his sentence.

Greg swallowed thickly. “So what did you want?”

Eric sighed, slumping a little in Greg’s arms. “The rollercoaster we drove past looked fun. You said. You said we should do more with our days off once in a while. It’s been a while,” he added petulantly.

“Wait a second,” Greg said, moving his hands to grip onto Eric’ waist, and dipping his head to make sure Eric would have to look at him. “You were pissy all day, because you wanted to go to an amusement park?”

Eric glanced up to catch Greg trying really, really hard to keep the smile from his face; probably because he knew it would only make Eric more sullen.

Eric ducked his head again, mumbling into Greg’s chest and holding on to him tightly.

The last residual tension in Greg’s body evaporated, and he rained smile-tinted kisses over Eric’s face and hair, laughing into it. Eric curled into himself more with Greg’s laughter, with continued muttering which just made Greg laugh all the more.

“Eric. You absolute child. Why didn’t you just say?”

Greg kissed him then, happy, and tender, and with difficulty because of the mile wide smile on his face.


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