What a year, huh? And it’s only Tuesday… time has lost all structure and sense, but hey; we’re doing our best, okay? So before anything else, Happy New Year to you all… belated, but also not, because five days in, and it still feels to me like we’re in March 2020. Or December 2019. Or some arbitrary Wednesday in the summer of 2017; who knows anymore?

Anyway. Hello!

I thought I’d do a little round-up of where I am with writing and blog things. I have scheduled some short stories, links to books, and poetry, for the rest of this month and into February. I have finally worked through every poem I have ever written for posting on here, so, I have unchecked all my boxes on my lovely spreadsheet and will start from the beginning again. There are some 200+ so, maybe you saw some before, maybe you didn’t; I can’t remember and don’t expect you to!

As for new things. Well, there are new poems, short stories, and drabbles in the works; as always! Here are some things that are coming up.

In a week or so, I’ll be doing a couple of promo posts for From Coffee Shop Corners. There is a sneak peek, some mood board adventures, an updated Pinterest board, and some quotes.

Posting on January 22nd onwards is a short web serial. Let’s say it’s a tentacle adventure; if that’s not your thing, look away, but if you’re even mildly intrigued then keep an eye out! I’ll make a post about it nearer the time but if you’re curious (who isn’t, it’s tentacles) then the summary for the story is on the web serial page.

Speaking of pages, everything should be pretty organised here now after a good sort out. If you want to find free short stories or poetry, there are links to those. You can find all my books in one place here, and there is even now a page purely for Raife and Dexter, and whatever adventures they may be getting up to. You can also find contacts for me in various places on my contact page if you wish.

Okay, back to new things.

I have two books I’m currently working on (and when I say working on I mean ‘keeps opening and closing documents and making notes’; I’ll get to them!).

I have a new poetry collection that will be posting soon.

There are a handful of short stories I’m still working on, and other longer pieces that are still getting the open, close, open close treatment; I’ll get to (some of) those as well!

And that… for now, at least, is it.

Hope you’re all keeping safe and well!


Published by M K Lee

M K Lee is an author of poetry, short stories, and novels, who thinks the world deserves more happy stories. When not writing, they enjoy the company of all creatures great and small, love watching amateur dramatics, and discovering the world one good coffee and great cake at a time.

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