I am a freelance writer who happens to also be a keen traveler and is lucky enough to be able to combine those two things. If you see someone frantically typing away in a café with a giant cup of coffee, or a bar corner nursing a beer or three, then that might very well be me: come and say hello if you’d like to, I promise I won’t bite (unless asked nicely). I’ve writing both poetry and short stories since about the age of seven, when I took abruptly against the ending of a certain Disney film and rewrote the ending for themselves (we won’t mention which one. It’s still a touchy subject.) These days, I’m still writing both poetry and short stories, and I’ve added to this mix some novel-length stories, which currently seem to heavily contemporary gay romances. I’d very much like to one day write a dystopia novel since this is my favourite genre and until then will read every bit of dystopian fiction they can get their hands on. When not writing, which isn’t often, I love the environment, ice hockey, rock music (the real stuff, not whatever’s currently on the radio), and just about every sci show ever created (spoilers are always welcome).



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