Sunday Thinking

Happy Sunday!

I have no exciting news this week, only things stuck in my head that I’m deciding to inflict on other people so I don’t have to keep hearing them… I’m good like that!

So first, the poem that’s been on repeat since Monday, I think:

Not Waving But Drowning, Stevie Smith

And You’ll Never Stop Me From Loving You by Sonia… I don’t want to think what put it in my head and I’m desperate to get it back out again! Sorry…



Sunday Thinking

Because spreadsheets are my thing, I can tell you that as well as a mound of proofreading and rewriting, so far this month I’ve written around 160,000 words; not that you’ll get to see them all, of course. Some are on other blogs, others are written for other people, and some more besides will likely get deleted in an endless round of rewriting. Still, that feels like an accomplishment, and I’m another draft through of getting another story ready for publication, so though in some ways it’s been a quiet month it’s also been a productive one, and I have to be happy with that.

Anyway, it’s Sunday, and it’s time to scour the news for good things; it’s a task and a half more weeks than others; let’s hope for some good stuff to put some smiles on our faces!

How Cadbury is using a pop-up shop to show kindness to Brits

For sixth year, Fairview devotes week to kindness, preventing bullying

San Antonio man, 90, becomes oldest CASH FOR KINDNESS recipient

And finally, not so much good news perhaps, as reasons to worship at the altar of Neil Gaiman: Neil Gaiman responds to Good Omens shippers: ‘Make fun fan fiction’

Sunday Thinking

Hello 😊

Here’s some happy/kind/hopeful news for this week.

Volunteers ‘blown away’ by kindness after theft of 1,000 tins of food for homeless

Maine Voices: ‘Protect the Earth and treat everyone with love and kindness’

Kindness can spark an ongoing reaction

Alfie’s random acts of kindness rewarded by Stafford police

Whitespace Studio banishes the January blues with random acts of kindness in Milton Keynes

One year after their death, McCleary siblings continue to inspire kindness in others

Charlotte teacher gets emotional when Ellen rewards her for kindness in the classroom

‘Do you have a car?’: Story of Newfoundland kindness finds national audience

Austin mom brings the Kindness Campaign to schools, Zach Theatre play

Sunday Thinking

Hello 😊

Well, it’s Sunday again, I’ve already been told once how many weeks there are until Christmas, so forgive me if I stay under this blanket and hide for a little while!

It’s been a productive week of wording, lots and lots and lots of words, plus some proofreading and despairing at formatting-gone-wrong adventures.

Here’s a little kindness in the news because I needed to read and then wanted to share it; we’ve got the paying-it-forward kind of kindness:

Washington Elementary students and mentors share acts of kindness

Stranger rewards act of kindness from years ago with £400k in her will

The out-of-nowhere kindness:

Woman Reveals How Random Act Of Kindness ‘Made Her Year’ Just Months After Bike Crash In Same Spot

And then there’s the kind of kindness stories that are still heartwarming but you read and think this shouldn’t be necessary in the first place! People shouldn’t be homeless and need blankets…

Cool weather spurs heart-warming acts of kindness

And while this is a beautiful gesture from Sarah Silverman, how many of us could be that kind-hearted to a person who would give us abuse online? I aspire to be that kind!

Here’s to good weeks for us all!

Sunday Thinking

Hello, and a happy first Sunday of the year to you! I hope it’s started out as a good one, and if it hasn’t, well, that doesn’t mean it’s not on the way up from here on out; I’m aware that sounds like one of those be positive! Love your new year! kind of statements and trust me, I’m currently about as far from that as it’s possible to get, however, who doesn’t want to wish for a little happiness for both themselves and other people, hmm?

So we’re one week in to this new year, and we’ve already had Youtubers being disgraceful, world leaders being children (sorry, children, that’s insulting), politicians being dismissive of the impact of their words and principles on ordinary people, and storms that have caused havoc in numerous places. The following 51 weeks of this year really don’t have to try harder to be better! Glass half full and all that…

I’m determined to say something positive, I am! Let me think… well. This week I’ve got a lot of writing done, some editing for the next book I intend on publishing, and I’ve scheduled some poems from my Other Blog™️ to post on here once a week so you can see another side to my writing. I have… played with more Google Chrome Extensions than I care to admit and subsequently deleted the majority of them, and forgot more passwords than I realised I had accounts for. Oh, and probably most important of all these week was the return of X Files; that’s the first time I’ve cried for hearing the X Files theme, and I loved the episode, but That Thing with CSM and Scully, if that turns out to be true? I will vomit. And swear. More than I already have done.


Since my life is relatively uninteresting besides writing and obsession with a couple of TV shows, I shall end this with some links to my usual kindness in the news kind of thing; it always makes me feel a little less apocalyptic (and a lot more teary-eyed) for hearing stories like these. How deprived are we for good news?!

Coon Rapids High School launches kindness campaign

Griffins goalie’s act of kindness lets opposing player see birth of child

Acts of kindness: Donors wipe out $1,000 lunch debt for Hatfield schoolchildren

Wall of Kindness making the difference

Sunday Thinking

In lieu of much kindness in the news, here’s some stuff that’s made me very happy this week:

– so very, very excited about season 11!

A lovely review from Love Bytes for Tainted By Our Choices

Snow… viewed from under several blankets sipping on Irish coffee…

Finally catching up on the Attitude Heroes podcasts (if you haven’t listened to these, honestly, give them a listen)

Surprise gifts from a friend…

Advent calendars!

Um. Well that’s not the longest list in the world, but… all good things! I hope your weeks were good!


Sunday Thinking

Hello! Happy news time!

Homeless man’s act of kindness nets him over $300,000 in viral donation campaign

Kindness is not for the faint of heart: Sun Messages

Young star of ‘Wonder’ talks about teaching kids kindness, empathy

Antipodean act of kindness for our four-legged friends

Diner cook displays act of kindness for injured customer

Ten Acts of Kindness in the Denver Music Scene

New York man honors Las Vegas shooting victims with acts of kindness

Sunday Thinking

Hello! Here, have some happy stories…

Burlington police compete to be ‘Kindness Ninjas’

Brookfield Girl Scouts are scattering rocks, kindness in the community

Cashier’s kindness goes viral

Euphrat Museum’s fall exhibit explores kindness and hope

Movie review: ‘Wonder’ is a fresh dose of kindness

5-year-old surprises police officer with act of kindness

Local man’s kindness felt by Tonawanda food pantry

Sunday Thinking

Hello 😊

Happy news time!

Let’s see what we have…

Warwick Valley Middle School sixth-grader Molly Hewitt ‘is using kindness to change her world’

Combat medic’s mission now is administering kindness

Random acts of kindness spread around the world

Kindness in the Workplace

Stranded couple overwhelmed at kindness of strangers

World Kindness Day set to warm hearts across Nottingham

Sunday Thinking

Hello 😊

Happy news time…

Dr Tom: Show kindness, it’s a great way to top up your wellbeing tank

Random acts of kindness pop up all over Greater Victoria

Irish lad’s act of kindness will restore your faith in humanity

Hobart police sergeant recognized for act of kindness

World’s ‘oldest little person’ receives act of kindness to make her life easier

“That was so cool!” The Transformative Power of Human Kindness