Sunday Thinking

In lieu of much kindness in the news, here’s some stuff that’s made me very happy this week:

– so very, very excited about season 11!

A lovely review from Love Bytes for Tainted By Our Choices

Snow… viewed from under several blankets sipping on Irish coffee…

Finally catching up on the Attitude Heroes podcasts (if you haven’t listened to these, honestly, give them a listen)

Surprise gifts from a friend…

Advent calendars!

Um. Well that’s not the longest list in the world, but… all good things! I hope your weeks were good!



Sunday Thinking

Hello! Happy news time!

Homeless man’s act of kindness nets him over $300,000 in viral donation campaign

Kindness is not for the faint of heart: Sun Messages

Young star of ‘Wonder’ talks about teaching kids kindness, empathy

Antipodean act of kindness for our four-legged friends

Diner cook displays act of kindness for injured customer

Ten Acts of Kindness in the Denver Music Scene

New York man honors Las Vegas shooting victims with acts of kindness

Sunday Thinking

Hello! Here, have some happy stories…

Burlington police compete to be ‘Kindness Ninjas’

Brookfield Girl Scouts are scattering rocks, kindness in the community

Cashier’s kindness goes viral

Euphrat Museum’s fall exhibit explores kindness and hope

Movie review: ‘Wonder’ is a fresh dose of kindness

5-year-old surprises police officer with act of kindness

Local man’s kindness felt by Tonawanda food pantry

Sunday Thinking

Hello 😊

Happy news time!

Let’s see what we have…

Warwick Valley Middle School sixth-grader Molly Hewitt ‘is using kindness to change her world’

Combat medic’s mission now is administering kindness

Random acts of kindness spread around the world

Kindness in the Workplace

Stranded couple overwhelmed at kindness of strangers

World Kindness Day set to warm hearts across Nottingham

Sunday Thinking

Hello 😊

Happy news time…

Dr Tom: Show kindness, it’s a great way to top up your wellbeing tank

Random acts of kindness pop up all over Greater Victoria

Irish lad’s act of kindness will restore your faith in humanity

Hobart police sergeant recognized for act of kindness

World’s ‘oldest little person’ receives act of kindness to make her life easier

“That was so cool!” The Transformative Power of Human Kindness

Sunday Thinking

Hello 😊

Happy news, please, all the happy news…

Texas 3rd-grader starts a kindness club because she wants to be the good in the world

Kindness rocks… literally

Schoolboys shared their Halloween sweets with homeless man in heartwarming act of kindness

Police officer helps 8-year-old boy celebrate birthday after no one picks him up from school

‘I want the government … to bring kindness back’


Sunday Thinking

Hello 😊

Here’s some kindness in the news to hopefully brighten your Sunday 😊

Canal Winchester family gives thousands of dollars in random acts of kindness to honor son (though I’d personally amend, I know a ton of teenagers who are, in fact, very giving!)

Mystery woman’s random act of kindness

Lawrence woman hopes spreading kindness will curb violence

Hurricane Irma evacuee returns act of kindness

Aynor fifth graders earn pizza party from Conway Medical Center for kindness project

Restaurant’s simple act of kindness to help the homeless goes viral

Sunday Thinking

Hello 😊

Happy news… only happy news… this week is just the latest in a line of horrible things going on in the world…

Random acts of kindness were made in Newcastle city centre and shoppers loved it

Portland man buys new walker for homeless man in act of kindness

Christchurch ‘superhero’ Flat Man wants to teach kids kindness

The Brownlee brothers – famous for THAT act of incredible kindness – support #WeStandTogether

Ellen DeGeneres spreads messages of hope and kindness in regards to the Las Vegas attack

Students perform 5,000 acts of kindness for class project

Bettendorf teen gives drive thru worker part of meal in ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ project

Sunday Thinking…

…apologies… I am full of cold and forgot to do anything for this… here, have some happy news things (again)!

Picture book to instil kindness among pre-schoolers launched in Tampines

Guardian Angel for the Homeless Rewarded for Kindness

Woman thankful for kindness deputy showed during traffic stop

Choose kindness to help stop bullying

Act of kindness puts principals on the roof

Acts of kindness are contagious

Happy Sunday!